John Montgomery on Writing Secure Code

Developer Marketing Director John Montgomery has posted a blog entry asking developers the question, "What should we be doing to make it easier to write secure code?"

Writing Secure Code

One of the things that my team is responsible for is helping developers understand the importance of writing secure code and how to do it. Rick Samona has joined my team and is working with security experts like Jeff Cooperstein and Michael Howard to begin the process of helping developers think more about security. We did some research and we found that about 50% of developers think it is important to write secure code (what about the rest?) and that they even feel security is more their responsibility than the responsibility of system administrators. And about two-thirds of them they feel like we (that's we, the industry, not just we, Microsoft) don't provide them with enough information, tools, guidance, and so on to write secure code.

Be sure to leave some feedback with your thoughts on this at John's post. This is a great chance to get your concerns voiced in this area.