Microsoft training from 10 years ago

The Microsoft fiscal year (FY) started on July 1, and it’s our time of year to do things like plan our career path, training, etc. I was just looking at the training I did in Redmond (around) 10 years ago and I thought it would be interesting to post the list. Some of the classes were several hours per week or a week at a time, others are one-off lectures. Amazing to think that .NET was so new then…

C Programming II

Hacking Exposed - Live

NEO - New Employee Orientation

HailStorm Introduction

New Employee Family Orientation

Introduction to the Managed Extensions to C++

Visual Basic: Intermediate

Managing Cross-Product Partnerships

Win32 Programming

MSR Tech Festival 2002

Windows Programming in C

Rapid Development: The Ten Myths

Building .NET Applications

Scripting: Learning Perl

C++ Programming

Securing and Deploying .NET Assemblies

COM 1: Component Objects

Sysinternals: A Tour of these Powerful Tools

Debugging Windows Applications

Targeting Mobile Devices with Active Server Pages+

HTML+TIME (SMIL) 2.0 in Internet Explorer 5.5

The New WinDBG - the Tool for Hardcore Debuggin

MSR Tech Festival 2001

Using Windows Installer For Your Application

The Key to C#: Q&A with Anders Hejlsberg

Visual Basic .NET: Introduction - Online

.NET Framework And Tools

Visual C++ Internal Awareness Week: June 24 - 28, 2002

.NET Mobile Web Software Development Kit (SDK)

Visual Studio for Applications .NET Application Customization

.NET: An Introduction

Windows Installer: An Introduction

ADO.NET: Introduction

Windows NT/2000/XP/Server 2003/Vista OS Internals

Announcing IceCAP 4.1: The Tip of the Iceberg

Writing Secure Code – Enough is Enough!

Buffer Overruns in Depth

Writing Solid Code

C# Programming

Xbox .NET: Setting the Standard for Online Console Gaming

C++ Workshop: Advanced Managed Extensions

VS .NET Languages: Introduction to Visual C++ .NET

C++: Managed Extensions

Microsoft Developer Fundamentals

COM Fundamentals

Dynamics of UI Design and Program Management, Version 2.0

Design Day 2002

Extending the .NET Framework

Design without wasting time

Frameworks Class Library: A Whirlwind Tour

Designing Windows XP Icons