MS Research Data Visualization Components

Steve Makofsky links to some new data visualization components from MS Research. I told Duncan about this today and he started to drool...

MSR Data Visualization Components

Wow - looks like Microsoft
has released
a set of Data Visualization Components
 (scroll down to 'Data Visualization
Components') for .NET that includes:

- Bubble Chart Generator / Control: a set of points displayed as bubbles in an x-y coordinate system.

**Piano Roll Control:** a spreadsheet-like display of numerical data.   
  • Spire Chart Generator / Control: a collection of bubbles. Each bubble
    has a start date and an upper/lower flag that determine where the bubble is drawn,
    and a size metric that determines the size of the bubble.
  • Thread Tree Generator / Control: a hierarchy of nodes with the following
    characteristics: The tree has one root node, Every node except the root node has a
    parent node, Every node has zero or more child nodes, Every node except the root node
    has a metric value that determines its sort order.
  • Time Series Chart Generator / Control: a time series chart that can
    display multiple time series, each with its own color and glyph style.
  • Treemap Generator / Control: a rendering of hierarchical data as
    a set of nested boxes.