PDC 2005 Security Symposium

Today we posted a page with information about the PDC 2005 Security Symposium (Friday, September 16th at the PDC). This is a great opportunity to hear some of the top security people from Microsoft discuss security issues. Here's the link to the page:

Security Developer Center: PDC 2005 Security Symposium
Want to learn more about what it takes to build security into each phase of software development? Come hear some insider tips and best practices from Microsoft and industry developers that are doing just that – building security into the software development process using the Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) as their model. The SDL is a process that Microsoft implemented to provide customers with high quality software that is meticulously engineered and rigorously tested to help withstand malicious attack.

I'll update that page with addional resources as they come available. For now, be sure to review the page and read the SDL Document as prep for the symposium. If you're not going to the PDC, stay tuned and I'll try to get as much information about these topics as I can added to the page.