SPOT Observations

I was away from the Microsoft campus on Friday, and so I missed a SPOT presentation that was given to Microsoft employees. I watched the replay this weekend and one of the interesting takeaways was that the radio receiver could be turned off, and in fact that is what they suggest for anyone traveling on an airplane. (If I didn't understand that correctly, I'm sure I'll be corrected by one of my co-workers.)

One of the other things I found out was that you can add yourself to your own MSN Messenger buddy list, so that you can send messages to your own watch.

So here are a few SPOT resources that I've discovered:

Spot Blogs (Or at least bloggers who have SPOT watches):

Peter Rysavy
Phillip Torrone
Craig Skibo
Scott Hanselman (good review)
Joseph Jones

I can tell right now that my favorite feature is going to be the calendar sync. At MS it's impossible for people who have a ton of meetings (like me) to remember all the different rooms and buildings that they need to visit. So we usually have a Pocket PC handy most of the time or we print the day's schedule in the morning and carry that around. This watch is going to be fantastic for figuring out where I need to be during the day.