An interesting thing happened today. My big group (under John Frederiksen) at Microsoft had an all-hands meeting. We're a group of about 500 or so, including MSDN, TechNet, patterns and practices, Microsoft Solutions for Security, MS Learning, Community, and probably a few I don't know about. Anyway, during the meeting some people gave some really excellent demos of the technology and the guidance that they're creating and puting out there for customers. I live blogged a couple of these things. My feeds get picked up on my developer centers (in this case Security and Visual Studio) and that's how I tell visitors to the developer centers about new and interesting things that I find going on.

At the end of the meeting John says something like, with all this great stuff going on in this big group, we really need to find a way to communicate this through Community, MSDN, TechNet, etc. That made me smile because I think they just did. Demos are good. :)