Tampa Hackathons: METRO FRIDAY for Win8 or Windows Phone in April

This sounds like a ton of fun.

METRO FRIDAY hackathons for Win8 or Windows Phone - Tampa - April 2012

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I like hackathons. Lots of interaction that wasn't planned. You get to see some really cool project. And you get to code.
Hackathons are very simply an event where folks sit around and co-work on their projects with specific goals in mind.
I also love Windows Phone and Windows 8. So I thought to myself, hmmm, "have big meeting room", "have some Fridays open", why not runs some open hackathons!.
So with that, the esteemed Jim Blizzard and myself came up with the idea for METRO FRIDAY HACKATHONS.

What: Hackathon for Metro Styled Apps on Win8 or Windows Phone
When: 900AM to 800PM - all day, April 6, 20, and 27
What: Open format hackathon focused on Metro for Windows 8 or Windows Phone
Where: Microsoft Office, 5426 Bay Center Drive, Suite 700, Tampa, FL 33609 - directions

Ideas on what you could do:
Publish your app during the hackathon! (this qualifies you for some special drawings!)
Evaluate your app for SDK 7.1.1 256mb emulator compatibility
Work on a project with experienced folks to help you. Jim Blizzard for Windows 8, Joe Healy for Windows Phone
Jump start your Windows 8 or Windows Phone Developer Experience Cowork for a Day!