Vacationing in Florida this Week

We're vacationing in Orlando this week. We're staying at the Hyatt Grand Cypress for a couple of days and then we're going to stay at the Portofino Bay Hotel at Universal Studios for the rest of the week. We usually fly the Alaska Airlines red eye out of Seattle on these trips, and so we're all pretty tired on the first day. Today we spent the afternoon at the pool and then we just relaxed in the room for a while before we all fell asleep around 9:00.

I woke up around midnight and I finally cracked open the laptop. The Hyatt has/is a T-Mobile Hotspot so now I'm online. I decided to travel really light this year, so I brought only a little Canon camera. I'll post pictures on Flickr as I get a chance.

It's kind of a weird vacation because we usually do the Disney immersion thing, but this year we opted for something different. OK, so it's not that different. :)