Visual C++ 2005 Page Updated

Today we propped an updated Visual C++ 2005 page. I'm going to try to aggregate as much VC 2005 information as I can there until we launch the product, so you might want to bookmark this as a reference for Visual Studio 2005, C++/CLI, and Visual C++ 2005 Express. Check it out here:

Visual C++ 2005
Want to get the scoop on Visual C++ 2005? Below you'll find links to Visual C++ 2005 information. We'll add more information as we get closer to release

In reviewing the articles for the page, I rediscovered some really great content. For example, be sure to check out Brandon Bray's webcast series, The New C++. If you have time off this holiday season, take some time to get familiar with the changes to Visual C++ 2005 and maybe download a copy of the Visual C++ 2005 Express Beta to play a bit. Finally, be sure to check out Kenny Kerr's article, C++: The Most Powerful Language for .NET Framework Programming. (Which I now see that I need to add to the new page.)