Xbox Media Center Extender Video

I spent most of my vacation this holiday rebuilding my computer systems and network. I installed Windows Media Center Extender on my living room Xbox and on my Media Center 2005 PC. The results have been absolutely amazing. I'm demoing the finished system to my wife and kids and they're currently watching the old home movies. They could care less about all the technology that I'm so excited about, for them it's all about the content. (As it should be.)

I decided to put together a little video demo of the system. This is a five meg file shot with my Sony TR3 laptop. (There's a noticeable grinding sound in the video, which is from the hard drive on the laptop. I'll use a mic next time.)

You can check out the video here.

If you have any comments let me know. If this works out, I'll start to put together some other videos.