Clear Channel's adoption of Visual Studio Team System

Today I'm pleased to report that we have published a case study showcasing Clear Channel's adoption of Visual Studio Team System. The case study can be viewed here. I have been working with Clear Channel for several months now so it's exciting to be able to finally tell their story because it is truly representative of the paradigm shift which can be enabled by Visual Studio Team System.

After failing to implement Rational, Clear Channel was attracted to the team-oriented promise of Visual Studio Team System. By adopting Visual Studio Team System they moved from a low-morale development organization with frequent failures into an team made up of individuals who clearly understand their role in the development lifecycle, can more easily collaborate with their peers and other stakeholders, and who take ownership for the delivery of successful results.

If you are considering ways in which your team might benefit from Visual Studio Team System, or if you're already using the tools and simply looking for other ways you can put them to use, then I would encourage you to check out the case study.

“With Visual Studio Team System, we thought we were buying developer tools; what we got was a culture-changing tool.”

– John Szurek, Enterprise Architect, Clear Channel