College Football Matchup: MSN Search vs. Google

This week's college football matchup? MSN Search, ranked #2 in most polls, against the #1 ranked Google. I wanted to see what types of results you get on each search engine if you're searching for football games like I am (since my Gators are playing the LSU Tigers today).

And the results...?

MSN Search: 1
Google: 0

I have to say that the underdog MSN Search has beat Google hands-down here. Both search engines provide relevant links, but MSN Search goes a step further and gives me the real-time score of today's game, UF's record, conference standing, AP rank, and more! Nice job, MSN Search! I use MSN Search exclusively now and I love watching it get better and better each and every week. It's great to see some really healthy competition in the search engine space since it spurs both Microsoft and Google on to truly innovate and keep leap-frogging each other - the real winners of course are the billions of end-users worldwide who will benefit from these improvements for a long time to come.

Here's the MSN Search query: (as you can see, my Gators need to step it up a bit... <g>)