FASTDash Video on Channel9

Another Channel9 video I recently filmed is now on Channel9: FASTDash: A Visual Dashboard for Fostering Awareness in Software Teams

This is a really cool Microsoft Research project being developed to help software teams gain a better understanding of what everybody is working on at a given time. It has other uses as well, such as allowing a developer to quickly request help from a peer who might have some spare cycles. I actually stumbled upon this application while I was preparing to film the p&p lab tour. The patterns and practices teams use FASTDash currently; even though their teams are co-located in the same room, they still rely on this application to discover what everybody is actively working on.

FASTDash represents yet another way that a team can benefit from adopting Team Foundation Server. By utilizing a consolidated storage mechanism for coordinating source control, work items, builds, users, and other software project "objects" you can really begin to extract some interesting information which can help teams unlock new levels of productivity and gain insights about their projects. In this video Greg talks a bit about how easy it was to extract that information from Team Foundation Server. Cool stuff!