J# Browser Controls v1.1b in Beta

We just released the beta of J# Browser Controls v1.1b! Here are the new features:

  • Scripting support - allows your Browser Control to interact with JavaScript (or VBScript) on the Web page that is hosting it
  • Offline support means that your Browser Control will work without requiring it to be hosted on a Web server

These are the top customer requests we've received for J# Browser Controls, and because of the great feedback we've receive on the first release we were able to make this happen for 1.1b.

For those unfamiliar with J# Browser Controls, they provide the capability to migrate existing applets to run within the context of the .NET Framework - usually with no changes to the Java applet source code! This is really helpful for developers migrating applets away from the MSJVM.

You can download the beta of 1.1b here:

The beta is quite good, but if you'd prefer the “shipping“ version, version 1.1 is still available here:

We invite you to provide feedback at the public newsgroup: microsoft.public.dotnet.vjsharp