Unplugging for a few weeks...

I'm getting ready to head off on vacation for a few weeks. I'll be backpacking through Patagonia with some friends.

But while I'll be off the grid for a few weeks, I won't be without some cool tech gadgets. I just installed the newly free TrueSpace 7.6 on my laptop to play with on the loooong plane ride and while I have some other downtime. My Zune is literally FILLED with video podcasts that I found on Zune Marketplace. And I'm stocked up on rechargeable batteries. What can I say... I'm a geek? But I'll also be hiking a few hundred miles over the next few weeks, so at least I won't be stuck at a desk!

Here's an interview I did for Channel 10 last week showing off some of the gadgets we're taking on the trip. See you in late August!

High Tech Hiking in South America