ISU Tech Talk on WPF and UIAutomation

I had the pleasure of speaking to the ISU students on Tuesday this week.  I gave a high-level overview of WPF (Avalon) and Windows UIAutomation (vNext of MSAA).  I wanted to go ahead and get my basic slide deck posted in case anyone wanted it.  Sorry I don't have videos of the demos.

It was fun to show people some of the cool new features of Sparkle and Cider.  I got some great questions from the students, and it was cool to see them really "get" Microsoft's WPF story.  One of the students (Chris Sammis) has even been downloading WinFX betas and doing real development with it and supplying us with feedback and bug reports.  Kudos to Chris!

I also got to play Micro-Santa and held a raffle to give away cool prizes including, but not limited to:  MS Office 2003 Pro, Halo2, Fable, Age of Empires 3, Rise of Nations, MS Money, tons of T-Shirts, and an XBox 360!!  Congratulations to Brandon Kennedy on winning the XBox.  I hope he has fun w/that between mid-terms =). 

Thanks a lot to the NSBE (National Society of Black Engineers) for sponsoring the event and providing the Pizza and pop.  I appreciate the students who took the time to help organize and advertise this event.  There were 85 people at the talk, which my MS recruiters tell me was a record attendance, so thanks to everyone who made it successful.  I would definitely do this again!