Check out our new team blog for MCS SharePoint Guru's in the UK!

We have just launched the Microsoft UK SharePoint team blog!

With many people contributing to the blog, we hope you will find great content being posted regularly. The focus will be on informative, useful articles based on all things SharePoint covering the full spectrum of development, infrastructure, architecture and best practices.  This is going to be an amazing blog!

Other team member's are moving their blogs entirely are:

So what is going to happen to my blog?

I plan to keep it going, but make it more personal, which I will detail in a subsequent post. I will contribute to both blogs, in the same way that the official SharePoint product blog works.  Joel Oleson, Lawrence Liu, Arpan Shah, Paul Andrew all successfully maintained personal blogs, while still contributing to a team blog. This is what I hope to achieve.

We have already posted an article on UK SharePoint Team called "SharePoint Farm Communications .... Ports, Proxies and Protocols" which talks about inter-farm communications, firewall ports etc within SharePoint. This is a summary of a presentation that was recently given at TechEd 2008 in Barcelona by Martin Kearn.

So sign up to the UK SharePoint Team blog at and enjoy! :)