Follow me and learn Windows Server 2012 – Failover Clustering VM Monitoring

Night 24, Tonight I am looking at a feature in Failover Clustering called VM Monitoring.  This feature allows you to monitor the VMs running on your cluster.  If you detect the VM is in an unhealthy state you can take recovery action.  You can also look into the VM and monitor additional items!   Things I learned tonight:

  • You must open the firewall for “Virtual Machine Monitoring”
  • In 2012 VM Monitoring is enabled by default on each VM
  • You can monitor Windows Services
  • You can do event monitoring
  • You can use PowerShell to set this up across multiple VM
  • VM Monitoring is extensible

Here are the links I used to study this feature:

How to configure VM Monitoring in Windows Server 2012

VM Monitoring in Windows Server 2012 – Frequently Asked

Guest Clustering and VM Monitoring in Windows Server 2012 (Video)