Follow me and learn Windows Server 2012 – Virtual Smart Cards and Improvement in BitLocker

Almost done, Night 29 of my 30 day quest to learn Windows Server 2012! Tonight I am looking at two features Virtual Smart Cards and BitLocker.   The Virtual Smart Card is going to be a great for me.  I will no longer have to carry my smart card with me to VPN in.   Using the TPM chip in my laptop I am able to have Virtual Smart Card.

These are the new features I learned about in Bitlocker:

  • BitLocker provisioning – Bitlocker can be enabled prior to the Install Windows 8
  • Used Disk Space Only encryption – This make for quicker encryption
  • Standard User PIN and password change – Now a standard user can change their pin, No admin access required
  • Network Unlock – If you are on your corporate network BitLocker will  automatically unlock the system volume during boot, Require PIN off the network but not on it

Here are the links I used to study up on these topics.

What's New in Smart Cards

Virtual smart cards emulate the functionality of traditional smart cards, but use the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) chip available on many organizations’ computers rather than requiring the use of a separate physical smart card and reader. Virtual smart cards involve technical, functional, security, and cost differences with conventional smart cards.

Understanding and Evaluating Virtual Smart Cards

What's New in BitLocker

Understand and Troubleshoot BitLocker in Windows Server "8" Beta

BitLocker Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)