Build Conference 2012

In January Tim O’Brien, General Manager of Developer & Platform Evangelism outlined the path forward for Microsoft developers in his blog post titled: “Thinking About Developer Events. ” Today he announced that BUILD 2012 will be held at Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond, Washington from October 30th through November 2nd. If BUILD 2012 is anything like BUILD 2011, it will certainly be worth attending.

With recent updates to numerous Microsoft products ranging from the Windows operating system to Windows Phone, and the new Office to Windows Server, there are an increasing number of development opportunities across the Microsoft platform. BUILD is the place for developers to come and learn from the product engineers how they can take advantage of the latest Microsoft technologies.

That said, here’s a quick Q&A about BUILD:

What is BUILD?

BUILD is Microsoft’s developer conference and BUILD 2012 will provide an opportunity for developers to learn more about development opportunities with Windows 8, Windows Azure, Windows Phone 8, Windows Server 2012, Visual Studio 2012 and much more.

When is the event taking place and where?

BUILD will be held on the Microsoft Campus in Redmond, Washington from October 30 through November 2.

Why is BUILD being held on campus?

If you’ve gone to a Microsoft developer event, you know that a significant percentage of speakers and participants are from our engineering teams. A campus event puts developers in the thick of things along with the engineers directly responsible for Microsoft products and the platform opportunities they represent.

When does registration open and how can I attend?

Registration opens on August 8th at 8 a.m. PT.

What should we expect in terms of content? Who is keynoting?

Currently there is no information to share about content and keynoters however updates will start to occur when registration opens on August 8th at 8 a.m. PT.

Will there be any news disclosures at BUILD?

Currently there is no information to share at this time.

Will it be streamed live?

Yes. For details, visit the BUILD site.

How is this related to Windows General Availability?

Windows 8 General Availability happens on October 26th, so developers that attend BUILD will have plenty of content to dig into.

Please visit the official Microsoft blog along with the BUILD site. The latter has additonal information as well as video from last year’s conference.