.NET SDK for Hadoop Update

If you’re doing any development in the “big data” space then you’ll want to be aware of an update to the .NET SDK for Hadoop. This release contains updated versions ( of Map/Reduce, LINQ To Hive, and a new WebHDFS client.

This SDK currently contains an API for writing [Map/Reduce] jobs, as well as submitting them. According to the published roadmap, the full suite of components delivered once the SDK reaches the official release stage includes:

- LINQ to Hive Tooling to generate types

- Integration with Templeton/WebHCat

- Experiment enabling UDF's

- Support for Partitions and advanced Hive DDL

- LINQPad integration

- Job Submission API

- WebHDFS Client

More information on Hadoop for Azure (Windows Azure HDInsight Preview) can be found here.