New Dev Center App Preview

Checking the performance of an app is something all good developers do. But until now, you could only check the performance of your Windows Phone app from a browser. Recently at Mobile World Congress it was announced that a handy new app lets you stay connected on the go as well.

The new “Dev Center” app is a comprehensive dashboard layout that provides you the ability to see downloads and crash trends – and put these updates on a Live Tile. View payments and key metrics of all your apps, and even read reviews translated into a language of your choice. The app also includes the option to share a link for your app without having to go into the store, copy/paste into an email, etc.

The app does requires a Windows Phone Dev Center account and won’t work without one so if you don’t have one you can go here to sign up for one.

Additional information like code samples, “how to” videos, the Windows Phone SDK and more can be obtained via the Windows Phone Dev Center.