Premier Support for Developers

Good managers know 2 things – 1) surround yourself with knowledgeable personnel and 2) enact processes to enable support when things go south. Whether you use a pure Microsoft stack for your application development or a heterogeneous one, Premier Support for Developers (PSfD) is an offering from Microsoft that can help. I thought it would be beneficial to convey what this group can bring to an organization’s development staff as some only think of reactive versus proactive support.

In short, PSfD is designed to help software developers rapidly build and deploy quality applications for Microsoft platforms. You receive proactive, personalized support services and expert consultative advice on how to exploit the potential of Microsoft technologies. PSfD provides a comprehensive suite of services designed to help you increase your return on investment in Microsoft products. The Application Development Manager (ADM) is your primary contact within Microsoft for coordinating the successful delivery of these elements.

Account Management - The ADM works in conjunction with team members within your organization to understand your systems and business application goals and ensure that Premier Support helps meet those goals.

Proactive Services are designed to prevent problems in your development projects. The best way to solve a development problem is to never suffer it in the first place. Code, architecture, and design reviews along with lab services can ensure proper implementation of Microsoft technologies, durability of the solution, and extensibility with future Microsoft products and technology.

Responsive Services provide fast, accurate problem resolution around the clock.

Online Support Services provide your staff with timely, relevant information that can improve their productivity and knowledge of Microsoft products and technology.

PSfD can also help:

  • Ease resourcing for quicker resolution of development issues.
  • Boost software system security, availability, and reliability.
  • Reduce the cost of support for internal business applications.
  • Increase flexibility in software development operations and strategy.
  • Simplify software design for complex systems.
  • Improve scalability and system performance.
  • Plan for deep technical proactive service delivery from engineering teams.
  • Instill repeatable and formalized software development processes and engineering policies.
  • Ensure that applications follow Microsoft best practices, making them more efficient and supportable when they go into production.
  • Maximize investment in Microsoft developer tools and technologies.

So whether you’re refactoring a legacy application or embarking on a brand new version using the latest and greatest technology, PSfD is a service that most certainly adds value on a number of levels. Learn more about PSfD here.