SAP Process Extension using .NET

Recently at TechEd, Ted Kummert, Senior Vice President BPD, announced a partnership with SAP that showcased tighter integration for application development and cloud deployments. This announcement describes SAP and Microsoft’s plans to focus on two key areas: to help .NET Framework developers more easily build applications connecting to SAP, and to help customers harness the power of the cloud.

The SAP Process Extension using .NET allows software to be more easily consumed and extended by .NET developers, simplifying the overall application development process. This level of access will redefine the SAP/Microsoft developer’s landscape with shorter development cycles, lower costs, and open accessibility into core applications.

This partnership will define and build this architecture over two phases:

  • Developer Experience – Focus for the first phase lies on giving the .NET developer a unified experience across the Microsoft and SAP platforms.
  • Lifecycle Management – Later, logically unifying repositories, so that artifacts belonging to one solution can be managed as one across the Microsoft and SAP platforms.

This architecture brings value to customers in several ways:

  • More core processes can be extended with people-centric sub-processes or front-ends, i.e. the SAP data and functionality can be used in more new contexts.  
  • Development of extensions becomes easier and cheaper, because a single developer is building the whole extension.
  • Total cost of ownership (TCO) of extensions becomes lower, because the whole extension, both the SAP and Microsoft parts, are managed as one over the entire life cycle.


SAP and Microsoft to Deliver Tighter Integration for Application Development and Cloud Deployments

SAP and Microsoft Make App Development and Cloud Management Easier

Note: Currently there are no products available that enable this architecture.