Team Foundation Server Training Kit

Training is paramount when you’re either creating or implementing software. This is precisely why I like Microsoft Virtual Labs so much because it offers training on multiple technologies and what's better than training that's free, can be done remotely and on your schedule? These three virtual labs for TFS start with the basics of setting up a project and take you through queries, file versioning, reports, command-line power tools, integration with Excel, Project, and SharePoint, and more.

Module 1 [link]

After completing this lab, you will be better able to create and delete team projects, set a process template as the default template for all new projects, fill out work item fields with text and integer fields, which can either be entered freely or from pre-defined values, link an existing work item to a new work item, creating the latter in the process, create a new work item in both Excel and Project, modify multiple work items in Excel and Project, run queries that have been predefined for you, create a new work item query, and modify an existing query.

Module 2 [link]

After completing this lab, you will be better able to map a folder in the team project’s source-control repository to a local directory, add files to the source-control repository and check them in, check-out files and compare their versions, configure parameterized reports and run them, export reports in different formats, create a new Team Project using SharePoint integration, upload a document into SharePoint document management, and add a link from a TFS 2010 work item to the document managed in SharePoint.

Module 3 [link]

After completing this lab, you will be better able to create a new user story and link it to a new task, run a work item query for locating the user story, create a new Team Project from the command-line using Power Tools, modify an existing work item type and set the allowed values in one of its fields, configure project-level security information for a TFS team project, configure access rights to the work items in an area of the project, and configure a team project’s source control.