Visual Studio 2010 Events

Our friends “across the pond” seem to have the right idea as they’re conducting numerous in-person and Live Meeting seminars on all aspects of software development using Visual Studio (VS). If you’re passionate about ALM (and you should be) there are plenty of topics concerning TFS. If you want to know more about performance and load testing or just a general overview of VS and the whole family of products that encompass it, there is no shortage of sessions available. I myself am interested in the “Developing with Windows Azure (ALM perspective)” session since combining ALM and the cloud is a great opportunity to demonstrate how to develop high quality, next generation software.

Not to be outdone, I’ve found a few resources that are a little more local to us in the States. Community Megaphone is a great site to see what events are happening not only across the US but hopefully near you. Lots of great talks about using VS to build ASP.NET applications using MVC with C#, Windows Phone 7 development and more. If an event is close by (or you want an excuse to take a road trip), I highly recommend going as not only do you get to mingle with fellow developers but in the process expand your network of subject matter experts (SME).

I’ve mentioned this is the past but MSDN Events is a great resource for finding events. Searching for an event couldn’t be easier as the quick drop down shows location, date and event type. These events tend to fill up rather quickly so register early if you want to ensure a spot.