WebMatrix 3 Released

For those that aren’t aware, WebMatrix (available for download here) is a free, lightweight web development tool that was first introduced in 2010 which provides a great, focused web development experience for ASP.NET, PHP, and Node.js.

New Features Summary

  • Windows Azure Integration
    • When you create local projects, you’ll be able to instantly get a companion website in Windows Azure without ever leaving WebMatrix. Just sign in using your Microsoft account or organizational ID, create a local site and it will automatically provision a remote companion site in Windows Azure.
  • Remote Site Editing
    • Simply open your remote sites, make changes, and hit Save. The lightweight performance and full editing capability (including Intellisense) make it feels like you are editing a local site.
  • Source Control with Git
    • Plug into GitHub, CodePlex, and Team Foundation Service to start sharing your code with the world. Open a repository from GitHub, commit your changes, and share them; all without touching the
      command line.
  • Source Control with TFS
    • Team Foundation Service is Microsoft’s new source control service in the cloud. WebMatrix focuses on making common tasks with TFS easy. Open a repository from Team Foundation Service, check in your changes, and share them with the world

For more WebMatrix goodness, check out Vishal Joshi who introduces WebMatrix 3 via a Channel 9 video.