Windows 8 Launches to the World

I’ve spoken to a few people here at Microsoft who were around during the Windows 95 launch and they say that the excitement around Windows 8 is similar if not greater than that launch. I wholeheartedly agree as the “buzz” is amazing. That really is an incredible accomplishment when you think of the impact that Windows 95 had.

While Windows 8 itself is a milestone, 2012 is truly going to be the biggest launch in the history of Microsoft. The sheer amount of products that are being updated is astounding. The list is jammed packed full of innovative products and services and although I couldn’t
possibly pick a favorite, I do have to say that I’m most looking forward to Windows Phone 8. The developer in me loves Visual Studio, TFS and Azure however after using Windows Phone 7 for so long and seeing how I am completely dependent on it, I can’t wait to get a new Samsung, Nokia or HTC (decisions, decisions, decisions).

Speaking of hardware, I’m certainly looking forward to getting a Surface. I think the Pro version is best suited for my needs although the RT version still offers a blend of consumption and productivity.

Bill Gates had a vision of “A computer on every desk at work and in every home” and that vision is a reality. The current mission statement of “To enable people and businesses throughout the world to realize their full potential” is quite fitting as a new era starts today that incorporates that vision in which devices and services span both work and home environments. To that end, it’s a great time to be involved in technology as a consumer and/or as a developer.

Hello Windows 8!