Silently Remove (Un-configure) Organizations configured for CRM Outlook Client


I faced this question from a friend and colleague pointing out my previous post on silently configuring CRM Outlook Client. Ask was coming from a need to remove all the configured organization for a bunch of CRM for Outlook clients. Not so uncommon, could be testing, upgrade or migration scenarios. Here is the script which does the job. It’s a batch script, no frills and can be hooked to as logon script through Active Directory.

Snippet of the script:

The script file is available on TechNet Gallery.

In Above script, configuration log file is written to C: drive in crmclientinstall.log file. Logging can be disabled by removing /l switch and log file path-filename from ConfigWizard.exe parameters. This path can be changed as per the requirement and log file contains useful information for troubleshooting.

Ideally, this script should be attached as User logon script through Active Directory Group Policy Object and advisable to enable group policy “Run Logon Script Visible”. TechNet page describes how to attach User logon script and other TechNet page describes how to create a GPO.

Hope this helps! Cheers!

Bhavesh Shastri