Beta Release of WCF Visualizers is available for Download!

Beta Release of WCF Visualizers is available for Download!

Today, Eyal Vardi from Experts4D (a large consulting company in Israel who specializes in advanced .Net technologies) released a new version of this open source project - WCF Visualizers.

If you are not familiar with those visualizers, you should, since they make developing and debugging WCF based solutions much much easier.

The project contains two main visualizers:

  • WCF Service Visualizer
    This visualizer shows different views of your WCF Service Host: the service description, pipeline, security and operation context.

WCF Service Visualizer

  • WCF Client Visualizer
    This visualizer shows the client side description, including the ClientRuntime, Description and OperationContext.

WCF Client Visualizer

From this release's page:

New features this release 1.5:
1. ClientRuntime Visualizer was added
2. Binding Visualizer was added
3. IError Handler View
5. SecurityContext Visualizer was added
6. Security Visualizer was added

You can find the WCF Visualizers Home Page on codeplex, and you can find the latest release here.