How to visualize a Basic Text Analysis using NER (Named Entity Recognition) about Any Web Page Content using Azure Machine Learning

Hi Everyone,
I am have made new experiment to use the NER (Named Entity Recognition) item in My Azure ML Account.
This Experiment Item can take use large amount of text and list out the possible Persons, Organizations and Locations in the given text.
This is a beginner’s step of working on text analysis.
The Concept is to point to a particular web page and the item will list out the possible Persons, Organizations and Locations in the given text.
So Follow the below content on how to make text analysis using NER Experiment item

in case you need visual step of creating an Azure Storage Account / ML account, Please refer to my earlier Blog

Login into the with your Live account to ( )

Now click on Machine Learning, Go to the specified ML workspace name and click on “Sign-in to ML Studio”

Click a new experiment name it as "NER Named Entity Recognition - Copy"  ( You are free to use your own name :) )

Type “Reader” in the Search text box, you can drag the Reader icon in the workspace


Please specify data source: HTTP

In the URL specify  ( You free to use your own web page link :)  )

And set it as URL




Now Drag the Named Entity Recognition experiment item under the Text Analytics into the Experiment's area and Link the Reader  Output circle to Named entity Recognition Task Left input circle,

now Right Click the Lower Circle (Output Circle) in the Named Entity Recognition Task  and click publish as output 


Now Click Run, 


After successful execution visualize the Output 

This is just a simple way to visualize the result of a Text Analytics experiment item of Azure machine learning Account