Risk Management 2.0 – it’s closer than you think

It has been a couple of years since the worst financial crisis in decades, and it is clear that we need a fresh approach to managing troubled markets.

For years weather forecasters have been trying to make accurate weather predictions, but a little known phenomenon called the ‘butterfly effect’ – the ability of small changes in one part of the world to create major storms elsewhere has frustrated all efforts.

So it is with financial markets, small changes in one part of the world can have devastating consequences elsewhere.

So whether we are trying to anticipate the weather or manage volatile financial markets, we can never have too much data. And the demand for data is growing exponentially helped by game changing developments in database and computing technologies.

But how do we absorb all this information. Human beings are still calling the shots in financial markets despite the huge growth in electronic trading and there is a limit to what the human mind can absorb. Is the trading room of the future a mass of trading screens to manage systemic markets?

At least one technology company offers a very different perspective. Aqumin’s AlphaVision has the potential to replace several screens with a few or even one. By converting 2D market data into 3D market insight, AlphaVision makes it possible for large amounts of data to be represented in graphic form as buildings, sectors and colors to track rapidly moving markets as the markets themselves move.

Now a trader that once followed a handful of securities can see opportunities across several, and not just instruments, but markets as well. Traders, risk and investment managers can get a holistic view of markets by just looking at a single screen.

But AlphaVision is more than just data visualization; it’s about taking the management of risk to a completely new level. Thanks to the latest Excel and SharePoint add-ins, AlphaVision has become a collaborative tool for managing risk across the enterprise.

At SIFMA on Thursday, June 16th, Aqumin will provide us with a glimpse of the future of risk management with a live demonstration of their new solution for managing systemic markets – AlphaVision, at a breakfast sponsored by Microsoft.

We hope you will be able to join us.

AlphaVision™ Live Demonstration & Breakfast Seminar

Thursday, June 16th, 2011 8:00am – 10:00am, East Suite 4th floor

Hosted by Microsoft Partner Aqumin

AlphaVision™ provides a fresh and compelling approach to risk management by converting huge amounts of 2D data into 3D images making it easier to spot trading opportunities, manage risk, measure latency and many other variables through a dynamic view of markets that can be shared with a variety of users both inside and outside the firm.

Register for Session:   fsmkt@microsoft.com