Business Process Library for Dynamics AX 2012 Professional Services

I am excited to announce the availability of the professional services process model as part of Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services ( You can see this new library under "Global libraries" on the LCS site and customize it or use it as the basis for your own library.

We built this library as an extension (111 new activities and tasks) to the standard APQC cross-industry library. This means that you can have a single process model that includes the cross-industry processes (e.g. Human Capital Management, Sales and Marketing, Financial Management) in addition to processes that are specific to a professional services organization.

The additional tasks and activities are under the following nodes:

  • Set up standard rate cards
  • Configure standard costs for labor and expenses
  •  Process project quotations
  • 4.6 Deliver projects
  • Define project roles and accountability
  • Manage project resources
  • 8.1.5 Perform project accounting
  • Configure timesheets and timesheet periods
  • Enter project timesheets
  • Approve and post project timesheets
  • Manage timesheet delegation
  • Manage timesheet favorites
  • View project resource utilization
  • Process pay-when-paid transactions
  • Process vendor payment retention

You will also notice that we have provided videos and flowcharts for around 35 of these new activities. We will continue to add new videos in the future.

We want your feedback! Is this useful for you? Are there missing activities? Feel free to add your comments below.