Dead Letter Office (Etch A Sketch)

At the PASS Community Summit in Dallas last month, we had another "BI Power Hour" where we show some interesting technology demos using SQL Server 2005 Business Intelligence. Not wanting to repeat myself, I decided to create a new demo. This time, I took inspiration from a favorite children's toy and built the world's first functional Reporting Services Etch A Sketch. Here's a picture of it in action:

The report is built without any custom report items, just a background image and a chart control that is set to a display a scatter plot with no axis. The chart is bound to a table of X/Y values that gets new rows every time you move the knobs. Since there is no knob control built into Reporting Services, I added some images to turn the knobs as well as a Shake textbox to clear the display. There is a bug in the chart control that Reporting Services uses that results in the chart will looking a little messed up until you move once along the X axis. Anyway, here is the source for the report. Enjoy!