London 0 Hull 4 (TechEd Recap)

Well, I'm finished with my TechEd sessions. I had Report Server Management and Configuration today, the "BI Power Hour" yesterday, and the Report Controls on Tuesday. If you weren't able to attend the power Hour, you really missed a show - we had 5 presenters, 9 demos, no slides, and a continual stream of t-shirts. It was well received so it looks like it is going to be an annual thing. I'll post the two reports that I built during the show to my blog in the next couple of days.

I really enjoy coming here but I'm glad it is almost over. I have been hitting the TechEd party circuit a little hard and I'm ready for some down time. And I haven't even made a dent on the hundreds of e-mails that have come in while I've been gone.

There are 4 more RS sessions left - Jason has one report authoring and a repeat of the Report Builder session. We also have Teo Lachev doing a session on security extensions and Andrew Bryan doing one on custom report items. The excitement from customers about SQL Server 2005 is very evident.

BTW, we really do read all of the feedback. Sometimes it is tough to read people's comments about personal style but it does help us understand what to do better this time.