Howard Dean blog

I have to admit to lurking around the Howard
Dean presidential candidate blog
.  Its hard to explain the slightly dirty
feeling it gives me.  Normally I consider myself a quite apolitical person. 
I understand that government is important, but I don’t get too emotional about
it.  (Ok, I’ve got my pet peeves…)  And the constant Bush-bashing
on the site doesn’t really appeal; even if Bush is as bad as they represent,
I’m not going to vote for Dean based on Bush’s record, but on Dean’s. 
And yet, and yet – I love the vibrancy and sense of community fostered on the
blog.  I understand it is all arranged and positioned by the Dean-team, but I
still cannot help but be moved.  Thus my guilty pleasure in the reading. 
I don’t know yet who I will vote for – but I know who has my attention.