Howard Dean blog - revisited

The shine on the Howard Dean blog is wearing
off for me.  Most of the posts aren’t by Dean himself, and seem pretty
much boiler-plate rah-rah stuff.  (This seemed exciting at first, but is now
getting a little old.)  The ones that are by dean seem like very carefully crafted
position pieces.  

None of that actually bothers me – I understand why they do it that way.  Its
just that for the most part I can get that stuff from their web page; getting it pseudo-realtime
from their blog doesn’t really add a lot of value for me.  I’ll just
go read through all their position papers one of these days, and get the same benefit.

I do think it is pretty cool to see comments from “real people” about
H.D. and why they support him, but even there, the fact that those quotes were _selected_
to be on this blog detracts from them.  It would be cooler to see links to independently-published
testimonials; perhaps on other folk’s blogs.  Then, of course, you are
limited yourself to that small demographic that actually *has*
blogs – I don’t know what the perfect answer is, but I sense we are getting