Tivo-like 'thumbs-up' for my aggregator?

I build my blogroll while reading blogs – that is, when I follow a link to an interesting blog entry, and it appears that the owner talks about stuff I’m interested in, I’ll subscribe to that blog.

Now, sometimes I’m right, and I find the future entries very interesting.  Sometimes I’m wrong, and they are less so.  Since I have hundreds of subscriptions, I can’t really remember which ones are the ‘good’ ones and which ones are the, um, ‘less good’ ones.  (Of course, I have a few favorites that I recognize.)

What I’d like to be able to do is tell my aggregator (currently NewsGator), that “I like this entry – thumbs up on the feed”; or “this entry doesn’t interest me – thumbs down”.  The aggregator could keep a running tally of thumbs for each subscription, (and here is the best part) it could then sort the feeds by ranking.  Subscriptions that have historically been the most interesting to me would be at the top, and the others at the bottom.

This would also make it easier to trim my blogroll; I could just start at the bottom of the list and ask myself if I really want to continue each of those subscriptions.