Configuring DNS and Certificates Webcast

Configuring DNS, Certificates, and Loadbalancers have been areas in LCS 2005 that have given customers the most headaches during deployments.  I delivered a webcast that talks about configuring DNS, Certs, and loadbalancers in OCS 2007.  We cover some basic topologies in OCS with internal servers and an edge topology as well.  I even give a walkthrough of how to create "A" host records and DNS "SVR" records. 

This webcast should get you going with understanding certificates and dns a little more with OCS 2007.  To date as my team deploy OCS to customers around the world we continiously get asked questions around certificates and DNS entries.

Here is a comment from one of the customers we assisted with deploying OCS 2007 into production...

" I now believe you about certificates being the biggest issue with OCS. Seems like we battle a cert issue every time we add a role or new server in the mix. You have to know your certs that’s for sure."

Take a look at the webcast that i delivered regarding DNS, Certs, and Loadbalancers