Validation Wizard - Overview

With OCS 2007 there are many ways now to see if your deployment is going sound.  One of those methods I will discuss with you is the Validation Wizard.   Now to those that are familiar with LCS 2005,  you should be glad that we now have something to validate if what we are doing is right or not.

The validation wizard with OCS 2007 can be used when deploying your Standard or Enterprise edition servers.  One of the nice things with the validation wizard is that have the ability to check server configuration, server connectivity, and SIP Logon. I will discuss these later in more depth in another blog entry. 

Scenarios the validation wizard can be used is when you first installed your Standard or Enterprise edition server(s).  One of the things that people run into all the time is getting too far into their installation and not knowing that something is not configured correctly.  I have personally used the validation wizard through out my whole deployment process. 

In a later blogs we will jump into each of the options that the validation wizard has for us to look at in more depth.