Lync Server 2010 and SharePoint on the same server => Not Supported

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Hi all

The other day I wanted to run some test regarding Lync Server 2010 and SharePoint. Unfortunately, I found the next error message:

"Not Available: Failure occured while attemmpting to check the schema state. Please ensure Active Directory is reachable"

After some time pulling my hair out checking DNS settings, DC connections and so on I decided to check the official documentation.

Unfortunately, I found that I was wasting my time in something that was unsupported :(

"You cannot collocate any Exchange Unified Messaging (UM) component or SharePoint component with any Lync Server role."

Next time I will read the documentation first instead of doing experiments :) .

Kind Regards.

Héctor Calvarro Martín. SharePoint Dev/Core. Microsoft Support Escalation Engineer for EMEA