Independence Day for blogging

Since July 4th is nearing, I thought it would be appropriate to start my independent blog.

In this first entry, I’ll add a few pointers to prior entries that I made to our VSData team blog.

Solving a customer problem is my blog narrative describing an experience I had as a detective trying to solve a Microsoft customer’s problem. Their ActiveX control worked for years, but upgrading to Visual Studio 2003 broke their code. Along the way we talk about pianos, garden hoes, and web servers.

Here’s a link to my blog entry called Good Customer Support? which describes an experience I had as a customer of my DSL provider. Intimate details of my wireless network are described.

Here’s a link to my Shakespearean monkeys program: monkeys banging on typewriters producing Shakespeare’s works.

An informal Microsoft programming contest entry written in Visual FoxPro is in these 2 blog entries :

Word games with phone numbers: 1-800-RESULTS (by CalvinH)

Phone Number Word Games part 2 (by CalvinH)

They describe a pretty complex algorithm in just a few lines of code to calculate English phrases from phone numbers.