Print a t-shirt

I went to to order US Postage stamps with a photo that I choose to upload: no Elvis stamps for me.

There are also sites (like that will print/frame and deliver a customer photograph to any address: a great way to send framed pictures to relatives.

Printing a photo on a t-shirt is a great gift idea too. My loving wife gave me a photo t-shirt of our daughter for Father’s day many moons ago.

We’ve tried printing our own photos on t-shirt transfer paper, but that is a rather involved process: print, iron, press, hope it’s straight, package it, put the right postage, etc.

Also, of the t-shirts we’ve made, the ones done professionally by Kinkos seem to have lasted the most launderings.

A while ago, I heard that Kinkos was bought by FedEx. So it occurred to me that I should be able to go to Kinkos web site, upload a picture and have it delivered anywhere. No fuss. No muss.

Alas, that site doesn’t seem to have this service.

So I Google for “photo print t-shirt” and found several sites like

Amazing how easy it is!