MDT 2012 Released

It has been a long road, but MDT 2012 has finally released with tons of new features and functionality galore.  Download MDT 2012 today to take advantage of all of the new features and functionality available for deployments. Check MDT 2012’s Download Center Page for an overview of the features and functionality available in MDT 2012, links to download MDT, as well as documentation for this release.

If you follow my blog posts then you know that I mainly write about UDI so I would like to highlight a few features that are available in this release of MDT 2012 UDI.

  • MDT 2012 provides support for both Configuration Manager 2012 and 2007.

  • Completely rebuilt designer and wizard

  • Designer allows for adding multiple instance of a page or a new page to the page library allowing for keeping everything in one config file

  • Designer allows for dragging and dropping pages from the page library to a stage in the flow, or within a stage to arrange the order of pages, allowing IT Pros to easily design their deployment experience and configure a page once and use in multiple places

  • New wizard and designer pages:

  • Support for both packages and ConfigMgr 2012 App Model applications from all of UDI’s components

  • AppInstaller which ties what users select from the application page of the wizard to what is deployed to a primary user of a machine allowing for user centric computing

Download MDT 2012 today and tell your peers, customers, and anyone wanting to learn more on OS deployment about MDT 2012! Let us know your thoughts by sending your questions or feedback about MDT 2012 directly to us via