MDT 2012 UDI Video Series - New Computer Deployment

In an effort to inform those who are currently using or are planning on using UDI about the features available in MDT 2012 we have put together a video series covering UDI. I know what you are thinking: "But Update 1 Beta1 is already available". These videos still apply to Update 1 and I will point out any changes that are different between the two.

In this video we discuss how to configure UDI for New Computer scenarios used to deploy to bare-metal devices with no operating system installed on the hardware. The New Comptuer stages discussed in this video are also used in the second part of the replace scenario in which user state is captured from an old PC and replaced on a new PC. A blog covering the replace scenario can be found here.

As part of this video we talk through what the minimum pages needing to be configured for both the New Computer and New Computer.Prestaged stages are and what the diffences are between the two. This video doesn't talk through User Device Affinity (UDA), but I have put together a blog post available here discussing UDA. I will point out that UDA only works in the New Computer scenario however.

To help you get started in configuring either of these New Computer scenarios please check out this video: 

Configuring MDT 2012 UDI for Pre-Staged New Computer

Please check back to see additional videos covering User Driven Installation.