Gene Network Sciences

At Cornell today I chatted with Basudev Chaudhuri who is a Senior Research Scientist in Software Development and Scientific Computing with a Cornell-based company called Gene Network Sciences. GNS “accelerates the drug discovery process by creating dynamic computer models of living cells and next generation data-mining tools for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. GNS combines the power of mathematics, computation, experimental molecular biology, and bioinformatics to bring genomics data to its most valuable end -- making drug discovery predictive.”

Our conversation went something like this:

Cameron: “Hi. I'm Cameron from Microsoft Australia.“

Basudev: “Hi. I'm Basudev from Gene Network Services.“

Cameron: “What do you do Basudev?“

Basudev: “I'm writing software that predicts how an entire human cell works.“

Gee... that kind of makes my job seem small and pointless...

If you want to see a scary diagram, check out GNS's “ Molecular map of colon cancer and mammalian cell cycle control