I don't believe Saddam was truly captured

I mean... c'mon... they DNA tested him.... riiight... I'm going to believe what I see on CNN, don't you? Here's my take on events...

1. Dubya's popularity numbers are lower than a “spider hole”

2. Rumsfeld calls up Saddam who's been living in a CIA-funded penthouse apartment in Florida for the last 8 months (next door to Osama), and says “get the costume out, your Godfather needs you”

3. Donnie sends a limo around to Saddam's condo, whisk him to the nearest CIA studios, where they shoot a little political commercial... “no, no, don't brush your hair, it looks fine like it is... that “just got out of bed look” is perfect!”

And even if this is the real Saddam, what are they going to do? Hand him over to the ICC to charge him under the War Crimes Act which Bush refuses to sign the USA up to??