kudos to Netgear Technical Support

Don't you hate it when you have some technical issue and you procrastinate getting it resolved and then, when you do finally get around to it, it only takes minutes to sort out!?

My home ADSL connection has been slooooow for the last couple of months. I've been getting about 5Kb/s instead of 50Kb/s. I was blaming my ISP and finally got around to talking to tech support there tonight. I actually called them about two weeks ago and the guy on the end of the phone said he would have to get someone to call me back. TWO WEEKS LATER... and someone finally did. They got me to test the connection with a regular ADSL modem instead of my Wireless Access Point modem and the connection turned out to be fine!

So, I had to ring Netgear Technical Support. I looked up their tech support number on their website which was an Australian toll free number. I rang about 7.30pm Melbourne time and got a message saying they were closed and I should either call back during “normal business hours” (hey this IS during my normal business hours... but anyway...) or “if it is urgent”, I should hold and I'd be transferred through to the US. So I held (when isn't technical support urgent?). A minute or two later, a very pleasant guy answered the call. He took down my details and I expected him to just tell me someone would call me back the following day. But no, he asked me to turn on Remote Management, and then asked me to give him a couple of minutes while he took a look at my set-up.

Lo and behold, he came back on the line a couple of minutes later and asked me to try the connection. BAM! All good. That easy.

So, mucho kudos out to the Netgear Technical Support team. That was one of my best technical support experiences. You've made me a very satisfied customer.