more adventures in the land of Google

okay, not as funny as most I've seen (my blog must be too boring), but here are some of the recent Google searches that lead people here during the last few days... it's an interesting glimpse into where some folks are at right now...

"purpose of life" (*not* to blog... repeat *NOT* to blog)

"addicted to ebay" (what I was addicted to *before* blogging)

"why microsoft media centres suck"

"margarita machines" (not far from those to Skynet)

"why should we ban firearms"

"christophe dumonet microsoft" (ahhh the ol' reverse name lookup!)

"funny web comic"

"raven firearm bullets"

"cheesecake female" (my secret is out!!)

"bad implications of the picture phone"

"suitcase in my hand"

"buy biztalk 2004" (yes please, especially if you are in Australia)

"guide to installing xbox hardrive"

and lots and lots of "modding the xbox"!!