newsflash: the internet is popular with Gen X & Y

I had a laugh to myself reading this article today about a study conducted by the Online Publishers Association which analyzes the Internet habits of 18-to-34-year-olds, and guess what it found?? Gen X and Y have embraced the Web in a big way. Wow. No kidding. Humour aside, there are some good numbers in the report:

  • 25 percent of this group sends or shares video via the Web, compared to 6 percent of all Internet users
  • 42 percent burn downloaded music to CDs, versus 24 percent of all Internet users 18 and older
  • The 18-to-34-year-old demo turns to the Web for entertainment. In fact, 30 percent visit entertainment sites daily, compared to 32 percent who read newspaper entertainment sections and 19 percent who read entertainment magazines.

I just make it into this demographic (turning 34 in October) and it isn't unusual for me to spend 18-20 hours a day in front of a PC (and therefore the web), so of course it's going to be an integral part of how I live, work and play but I guess this is still big news for some baby-boomers who didn't grow up with a PC in front of them (come to think of it, neither did I).